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We are a company that has specialized in the production of horse walkers. More than 1000 customers in over 30 countries have put their trust in our products over many years: from small farms to professionals such as the world class jumper Marcus Ehning.

We have always stayed ahead of the market with such products as oval horse walkers and water walkers. Our experience as horse breeders has also always played a roll in our product development.

With our slogan "Kraft... keeps your horses fit!" we have delivered our high quality products throughout the whole world.

Your Uwe and Frank Kraft - Owners

The latest news

Powerful engines for vehicles with four wheels are their passion. With powerful engines for four-legged friends they count on us. A short visit show you a small insight into the wonderful equestrian centre.
20 Years celebrate the Club Hippique de Grasse in the South of France, too. A Rail-Gliding Horse Walker from Kraft is a gift
Do you have any funny snapshots, pictures from your daily work with horses and the Kraft walkers or any nice events? We would be very happy! Please, send the pictures to beate.lindauer@kraft-fuehranlagen.de. Thanks in advance.

World's largest oval horse walker – “Spanish Riding School of Vienna”

Water Horse Walker

Muscle toning and training for horses

Exhibition dates

13.10.2016 - 16.10.2016
03.12.2015 - 06.12.2015
Amadeus Horse Indoors Salzburg (AT)