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As the Managing Directors of Kraft Brothers Inc., we welcome you to our internet site.

More than 1000 customers in over 30 countries have put their trust in us for many years! We hope that you could also be one of these soon.

We have always stayed ahead of the market with such products as oval horse walkers and water walkers. Our experience as horse breeders has also always played a role in our product development. With our slogan „Kraft... keeps your horses fit!” we have delivered our high quality products throughout the whole world.

Uwe & Frank Kraft - the owners

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KRAFT 60'/ 6 Horse Walker with Partial Roof and Wood Fence in Snohomish, WA
72'/ 8 KRAFT Horse walker with Wood fence in Phoenix, AZ
95' Enclosed Round Pen made by Kraft Horse Walkers in Wellington, FL

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World's largest oval horse walker – “Spanish Riding School of Vienna”