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About us

We are a metal construction company which has specialised in manufacture of riding sports equipment. Our products are delivered throughout the whole world according to the motto "Quality - Made in Germany".

More than 1000 customers in over 30 countries have put their trust in us over the last few years!
The company site with a new office building as a round hall with rotatable solar roof
The production hall at Uwe Kraft GmbH with office

What we offer

All drawings are produced in our own design offices. We use ME10 from Inneo Solutions GmbH (Rand Technologies) as a CAD software and the 3D-steel construction design software bocad.

Our products are permanently subject to a process of continuous development based on our experience and continuous contact with our customers. New developments and improvements immediately flow into the production. We are naturally happy to take account of and realise special requests from customers.

Our deliveries are carried out with reliable, timely and flexible freight forwarders.

Plant which should be delivered to much more distant locations (for example the USA) are loaded into containers and then transported across the pond by ship.

Assembly / installation on site

Horse exercise yards are constructed on site by our well-coordinated assembly team and released for use after performing various test runs. We deliver turn-key equipment including foundation work and roof work - also in America.