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Kraft Brothers USA

We started exporting to USA in 1999. Our rep at that time was Harold Hayes. Uwe Kraft, Frank Kraft and Hans Schneider purchased Sandberg Farm in Paris, Kentucky in 2000. The farm served as storage area in the early years.

In October 2004 the Uwe Kraft Company in Germany established a permanent branch in USA. The new Company is called Kraft Brothers, Inc. and is located near Lexington, Kentucky. The company is managed by Frank Kraft, who is a Master Metal Technician and has many years of experience in the Horse Industry.

Beginning 2005 the new company began production on Sandberg farm in Kentucky. Due to business expansions our company needed a larger facility and inventory space. We built a manufacturing facility in Winchester, Kentucky in 2007 and moved into it in January 2009.

This has many advantages for our US clients:
  • Production Facilities and Parts Storage in Kentucky
  • Faster Service due to increase in Manpower
  • Same Quality but Better Prices
Company building in Winchester, Kentucky
A Dodge 2.5l pick-up and an 8 m. long deep loader were purchased to manage all of the logistical tasks.
A model plant system rail-gliding horse walker for six horses was constructed on the Sandberg Farm.
The model plant system serves as a demonstration plant.
Team of colleagues in Winchester, Kentucky
The Kraft Company is the sole producer of all Kraft products. We only deliver quality products from our own production line. This enables us to produce according to our client's needs as well as handle special requests!

At our home in the Lexington, Kentucky area we have all the best references. WinStar Farm, Taylor Made Farms, Oakwind Farm, Overbrook Farm, Payson Stud, Rosemont Farm, Ashford Stud, Stoneleigh Farm, Hopewell Farm, Three Chimneys, Winchester Farms and more.

Some of the trainers that use KRAFT Horse Walkers are Mark Casse, Michael Dickinson, Bruce Jackson, Frank and Stacia Madden, Michael Matz, Michael Moran and Carl Nafzger.