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The latest news

Thomas Konle

successful show jumper and trainer, added for different trainings a horse treadmill from Kraft. In the outside area with fresh air and rain protection. Best conditions for the current season.

Horse walkers for Turkmenistan

Today four full packed lorries start the 5500 km longe trip to Asgabat, Turkmenistan. A special moment for all our employes, which have worked very hard for this project the last weeks. 58 hours throughout Europe, Turkey across Iran to Turkmenistan. Good luck and blessed journey. We will see us at the montage.

Merry Christmas

We wish you all merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Your Kraft Team

Kraft Treadmill for Michael Whitaker

Today it was a special day for us .

We install by Michael Whitaker our Kraft Tretmill.He is very happy with it .

We have a long friendship with the Top Show Jumper .
Olivia was with me by the installation and have got a riding lesson from Michael on a top horse from him , bevore he leave today to Calgary to the big show.

Thank you very much for the order from the Whitaker family !

Summerletter 2015

Summer is still running. We hope, that you get the letter and could read our current news. If you are interested to get the letter, please don´t hesitate to contact Bea Lindauer, beate.lindauer@kraft-fuehranlagen.de and leave your adress, so you`ll get the letter in future. Now enjoy the summer and our letter.

Rail-Gliding horse walker for Moscow

We delivered a 10x20m Rail-Gliding horse walker to Moscow. Writing the assembly instructions in Russian was a real challenge. High praises go to the construction team. The self-assembly went very well and the walker runs like a charm.

News: Amy Graham with Kraft Ceiling Mounted Horse Walker

Thanks to the Australien Top Show jumper Amy Graham and her family for this very nice on this beautiful place just 2 km from the Atlantic Ocean.
We wish her all the best!

Pooh bags for HORSES

often we will be asked, whether it´s possible to get the bags separately from the water-walker.  Yes, it is possible. Interested? Please, contact us  0049/ 7959 - 702.

Christmas Greetings

We wish you all merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Yours Uwe Kraft -Team


In the attachment you could read your current news.

Christmas Letter 2014


Just look in your mail box! Our summerletter is on the way.
Enjoy the summer!