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The latest news

Christmas letter 2013

We wish all of  you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Greetings to you on behalf of all our colleagues and the Kraft family.
Your Uwe Kraft

Victory in Singapore for Sebastian Vettel

Vettel won the Grand Prize of Singapore with much anticipation and a little luck. He proved his hp's for the Red Bull Team on four wheels while other hp-quadrupeds also did their rounds to keep their noses in front on the home stretch.

PS: Heike sold the first Kraft horse walker to Singapore right on time for the Grand Prize. What a small world!

2447 Kilometers North-East

Nico returned from Russia last Sunday and was very happy. The Igor Pletnev family’s horse walker was installed in a very short time. The horses of the International Equestrian Centre Otrada (on the edge of Moskow) have already begun to train in this well appointed 15 x 30m horse walker. This walker has a partial roof so that the horses have shade in the summer and cover from the winter snows.
Nico is one of our installers who has the practice of easily adjusting himself to new lands and customs. Still, it is difficult for a Frenchman like Nico to "guess" the Cyrillic writing and the Russian language. It probably would not work without hand and foot gestures. 

Our summer letter is on its way

It should have ended up in your mailbox by now.
Would you like to be included in our circular mailings? Then please fill out our contact form and we will include you in future mailings.

summer letter 2011

London 2012: Gold for Michael Jung!

Michael celebrated his 30th birthday with a double victory at the Olympics. During an interview and with beaming eyes he expressed how he and SAM, the best overall "Show Jumping" horse, mastered the London event in excellent form. This unusual pair won in Kentucky in 2010, then in Luhmühlen in 2011 and now the Olympic Gold!
We congratulate our Golden country boy from Honhardt!

Our Partners are Preparing for the Olympics

The qualifying list was established after the CHIO in Aachen. Marcus Ehning and Michael Jung will saddle their horses Plot Blue and SAM. They will prove their know-how during the Olympic games and will give their best. The qualifying list at first excluded the name Whitaker, but he was added after his success during the Grand Prize of Aachen. We are crossing our fingers! We excitedly wait to hear which one of our customers will be at the starting line.

A different impression of horses

was gained, felt and experienced live by our tour group of 25 members. Looking forward to lots of sunshine the group landed in Toronto on 25.04.2012. After submitting to strict entry controls finally everyone was passed and the tour could get underway. Powerful impressions were afforded by the skyline with Toronto Tower and the wet pleasures of the Niagara Falls. The first encounter with equestrian outfits was of super class standard, in the shape of Sycamore Hall Farm and River Edge, operated by Hassler Dressage. River Edge’s proprietor owns 880,000 hectares of land. Yes, the number of zeros is correct. Only the USA owns more land than he does. The border is formed by Maryland in the northeast. Here everything focuses on racehorses. The programme included a visit to the horses’ morning training, the presentation of the Kentucky Derby winner 2012, Animal Kingdom, who has already won 2,371,800 dollars so far, and a visit to Bruce Jackson, who devotes his energies to equine rehabilitation and therapy.
The trail then led south via Washington. This part of the tour was rounded off by a visit to the racetrack and casino in Charleston. The sight of St. Bride astonished the group. For us Germans it is hard to understand how anyone can invest so much money in their hobby. In Front Royal a morning drinks reception awaited on the terrace, which the group enhanced with some German folk songs. A stop-off at Hooters, where the worst chicken wings in the USA are to be found, served by pretty waitresses, was a must. Plastic plates and American Breakfast took a bit of getting used to, but were all part of the experience. Once in Lexington the advantage of the home team was more evident than ever. Back to the Roots at the Sandberg Farm, where it all began with Kraft Brother USA in 2005. It is hard to imagine that once trucks passed by here on the sand track with their heavy loads. The company headquarters have moved to the industrial park on the way to Lexington, which simplifies business operations. Peter Berglar, originally from Cologne, and manager of Stonererath Farm, answered all our questions about the philosophy underpinning the world of racehorses. A little accident briefly dented the group’s spirits. Once the bus driver had recovered from his shock and the paper work had been completed, the trip resumed. Visits to famous stud farms like Three Jimmnys and Winstar, the Kentucky Horsepark, where Michael Jung gained his World Champion title in 2010, the racecourse in Keenland and Hagyard Clinic were on the programme. With some string pulling Frank managed to organise a tour of the private stable of Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashin al Maktum near Gainsborough. Visitors are otherwise strictly prohibited. The 500-hectare premise impressed everyone. However, what would a trip to the USA be like without whisky, spare ribs and a riverboat party? The whisky was sampled before the spare ribs at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankford. A connoisseur of whisky initiated the group in the pleasures of the whisky world. It’s an open question as to the part played by the whisky in the race between Lea and Horst in the car park. The staff invited the group to a real Kentucky Barbecue on the Kraft company premises. “These are the best spare ribs I’ve ever eaten, and will probably ever eat”, commented Mr Mayer enthusiastically. The atmosphere was great. The tour members praised Frank Kraft’s outstanding commitment: “He’s turned into a real American,”  remarked a couple of Hohenloh voices in the party. Uwe Kraft was also highly praised for his excellent and attentive escorting of the group. Their appreciation made it all worthwhile. So where are we going next time???

Client Trip

A colorfully mixed group of travelers is looking forward to their trip to Canada and USA at the end of April. The trip and exact route were organized by Eva Singer of the Voigt Travel Agency and our German speaking tour guide, Gerda Matheson. Uwe Kraft will accompany the group and Frank Kraft (CEO of Kraft Brothers USA) will join the group at Fair Hill Training Center in Maryland. Frank has been working and living in USA for a long time and is very familiar with the horse farms they will be visiting. A little more patience is needed until the bags are packed and the airplane departs Frankfurt on April 25th, 2012. One can truly say that anticipation is the best kind of joy.

New Water Walker Brochure

We just receive the new Water Walker brochure from the printer. All interested persons can download the brochure at this link. You can also request a hard copy of the brochure by selecting this on the contact from.

Two German and three Dutch colleagues in the Glock Performance Center in Austria

Gaston Glock was able to win over a successful trio for his new center in Treffen-Kärnten. The three are Edward Gal, Hans Peter Minderhoud and Nicole Werner. They will be supported by our German Kraft team with two 26.6m Ø Ceiling Mounted horse walkers and will easily accomplish their work.
We wish a successful cooperation!