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The latest news

The Rail-Gliding Walker in Hallen-Nische is in Full Operation

We integrated a Rail-Gliding Walker into an existing riding hall for Mrs. Steiner inSwitzerland. As you can see from the photos it is a perfect fit both esthetically and practically. Our partner Peter Suter installed this machine.

Double H Horse Farm

We previously informed you (in our Christmas newsletter) about this installation by our US team in Wellington, Florida. The horse walker is up-and-running and fits beautifully in the overall US farm design. The horses (including those of the top rider, Rodrigo Pesoa) of Doubly H Farm in Wellington will train in a Kraft Horse Walker under the palm trees and for future successes.

Rail-Gliding Horse Walker for the Kehrer Family

The Kehrer Family in Heiningen near Göppingen, Germany has had their 10x20 Meter, 7 horse Rail-Gliding Horse Walker in operation since spring. The rubber floor as well as the retractable rotating gates make this an especially effective and labor saving horse walker.

Winning the Innovation Award!

Retractable Hanging/Rotating gate is becoming more and more popular

We are getting more customers that are now interested in our patented retractable gates. The resulting easier labor as well as the time savings of this product is not only more humane but also a money saver. The investment costs can be written off quickly and any horse operation will gain from this innovative product.
You can find further information at Kraft Retractable Separation Gate, Type D

Kraft Ceiling Mounted Walker with Lunging Ring at the Saalhoff Estate

Mr. and Mrs.Westberg from Kamp-Lintford ordered one of these models and also chose the retractable rotating gates. The 20 Meter diameter allows one to easily use the horse walker and the inner lunging ring simultaneously.

New! First in the world! Retractable separation gates from the Kraft Company!

The Kraft Company once again showed its innovative powers at the "Pferde Bodensee" trade fair and introduced a new product for the first time, the "retractable separation gates".

This separation gate was patented successfully and has the following advantages:

  1. The walking surface can easily be cleaned.
  2. If footing materials need to be changed, then there is no separation gate in the way.
  3. When the separation gate is raised the walker can also be used for warm up and turn out.
  4. Minimal risk of injury due to the conductive rubber separation gates.

Partition grilles

Successful trainer, Eric Libaud, owns a Rail-Gliding Horse Walker, 10 x 20 m (33'x66') from Kraft

Eric Libaud is trainer of the 2008 French Derby winner "Vision d’Etat", who just won the Hong Kong Cup.

Delivery of a Kraft Ceiling Mounted Horse Walker with Lunging Ring to Mr. Große Oetringhaus in Witten

We delivered a Kraft Ceiling Mounted Horse Walker with Lunging Ring, 20 Meters (66'), to Mr. Große Oetringhaus‘ riding stables in Witten.

A Kraft Ceiling Mounted Horse Walker with Lunging Ring was taken into operation by Dennis Ruf in the Swiss Thundorf

A Kraft Ceiling Mounted Horse Walker with Lunging Ring was recently taking into operation at Dennis Ruf’s place in the Swiss Thundorf, which is also the home of the successful Swiss rider, Theo Muff.