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Welcome to Kraft Horse Walkers

We are a company that has specialized in the production of horse walkers. More than 1000 customers in over 30 countries have put their trust in our products over many years: from small farms to professionals such as the world class jumper Marcus Ehning.

We have always stayed ahead of the market with such products as oval horse walkers and water walkers. Our experience as horse breeders has also always played a roll in our product development.

With our slogan "Kraft... keeps your horses fit!" we have delivered our high quality products throughout the whole world.

Your Uwe and Frank Kraft - Owners

The latest news

We say thank you to you. Thanks`for choosing Kraft and your trust in us. We will also do our best in 2018 to you. Kraft ... keeps your horses fit! If you like to know more about our last month, here you can read our Christmas letter. Good luck.
We offer you our new line Horse Treadmill by KRAFT. From a basic treadmill with a simple design to the gallop treadmill runs up to 60 km/h (37 mph) you can coose varios types. Also Aquatrainer and SPA especially for the treatment and/ or moving in water. Interested? Call our Specialist Elena! .
Read, what we did the last few month. Happy summer!

World's largest oval horse walker – “Spanish Riding School of Vienna”

Water Horse Walker

Muscle toning and training for horses

Exhibition dates

12.10.2017 - 14.10.2017
China Horse Fair
New China International Exhibition Centre Beijing
18.03.2017 - 26.03.2017
Fairground Essen