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Rail-Gliding Horse Walker Oval - Square - Round

This design can be manufactured to any size. The KRAFT-Rail-Gliding Horse Walker can be equipped with a partial roof that covers the walking surface and protects the horses from inclement weather. The walker can be used year-round.

An interesting option is to install the Rail-Gliding Horse Walker into an existing building. Foundation and roofing costs can thus be saved.

The solidly constructed KRAFT-Rail-Gliding Horse Walker is easy to use and has high safety standards. It requires very low maintenance and is extremely quiet.

KRAFT-Rail-Gliding Horse Walker

The principle of the Rail-Gliding Horse Walker allows for new variations in the pattern of the walking track. The walking track can now have curved as well as straightaway sections. This results in a more natural training for horses.
A study conducted by Professor Paul Farrington and Dr. David Marlin from Bristol University has shown that there are significant advantages to be gained in using an oval horse walker compared to using a round one.
Running in an oval puts loading on the horses’ limbs with a combination of straight ahead and curved movements in the just same way as is the case for riding or during free movement.
KRAFT is a pioneer in the field of oval walkers. Development of oval, rectangular and square horse walkers began about 3 years ago. We currently have approximately 80 such machines around the world.
For stability reasons KRAFT has chosen to use two tracks so that two rolling mechanisms can run along the track and guide it from both sides. This construction allows for smooth movement and the ability to use all types of mobile separation gates.

Design Examples

KRAFT offers

  • Planning, structural engineering, design, building permits, timely installation, concrete foundations, turnkey construction
  • varieties of mobile separation gates (see technical spec sheet number 1)
  • Various control panel configurations (see technical spec sheet number 2)
  • Optional irrigation system (see technical spec sheet number 3)
  • varieties of roofing materials (see technical spec sheet number 4)
  • Traditional hinged or sliding gates (see technical spec sheet number 5)
  • Covered entry with flat roof (see technical spec sheet number 6)
  • Various fence styles (see this page)
  • Wind net between top of fence and roof protects walking area against inclement weather while still allowing for circulation
  • Wind shield on the inside of the partial roof also protects the walking area against inclement weather
  • All products can be custom designed according to client needs. Optional self-installation possible.

Fence Designs

Development of and the technology behind KRAFT rail-gliding horse walkers

Based on experience gained with more than 200 horse exercise yards which have been built over the years, the same question always came up: "Would it be possible to design a horse walker which not only runs in a circular fashion but also straight ahead"?! The horses do not always run in an arc but also straight ahead. Valuable space is also used meaningfully.

After a long period of deliberation one developed a true novelty which has also earned the name 'innovation'.
A carriage runs on a suspension construction made according to individual specifications which is bent in the curves or the corners. There is an intermediate grid fastened to this carriage. The carriages are connected with a pipe profile chain. This so-called chain connects the carriages together and is then driven so that the carriage is moved over the stationary profile.

A patent has been applied for (application number 0 300 703.3) for this system and published at the European Patent Office.

The fact that the whole technology is attached above the running surface means that a complete free interior is created which can be used as a hay or holding place. It can also be installed in a large hall so that the inner area is still free to ride on.
The fact that the support struts are attached, in this case, on the inside and outside without taking account of the arms means that the installation can also simply be covered with a roof, something which is also possible without foundations. It is, however, recommended to construct the installation on a concrete running surface.

Through use of this novel development it is possible for the first time to really allow the horses to run straight ahead. It is, however, equally suitable for a round installation. The fact that the grid is suspended over two stationary profiles means that a significantly more stable suspension system for the grid is obtained than for existing systems. A significantly more stable separation gate can also be installed.

This novel construction can be viewed by appointment on the premises of some of our customers who are already using this system.

Fence Type D
  • horizontal spruce boards, 40 mm (1.5") thick
  • 2 m high (6.5'), with edge protector (widths vary)
Fence Type E
  • horizontal hardwood boards, 40 mm (1.5") thick
  • 2 m high (6.5'), with edge protector (widths vary)
Fence Type F
  • horizontal spruce boards, 40 mm (1.5") thick
  • 1.5 m (5') high,
  • (widths vary) with galvanized, framed welded wire grid from 1.5 to 2 m (5' to 6.5') high
Fence Type G
Fam. Gasber, Grafschaft Esch (Germany)
  • horizontal hardwood boards, 40 mm (1.5") thick
  • 1.5 m (5') high,
  • (widths vary) with galvanized, framed welded wire grid from 1.5 to 2 m (5' to 6.5') high
Round Design
  • 20m diameter (66 US feet diameter) - 7 Horses
Oval Design
  • 10 x 20 m (33 x 66 US feet) - 6 Horses
Square Design
  • 20 x 20m (66 x 66 US feet) - 9 Horses