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KRAFT canopies have many functions:
  • to protect people from the wind and rain when they are observing the horses
  • to protect people from the wind and rain when fitting out the horses
  • a dry storage place for horses covers, headcollars, horse boots and other items
  • to provide shadow
  • to catch light

KRAFT canopies fit harmoniously and formatively to the overall construction.

The material for the roof and outside walls is selected according to that of the main building:
  • the style, colour and form are identical
  • an aesthetically successful combination

KRAFT offers the canopies in two different designs

Type A - as a catslide roof
  • Size: Width of about 2.5 m for horse walkers with a partial roof, about 5.5 m for horse walkers with a lunging circle
  • Depth: 3.0 m – 5.0 m
  • a stable steel construction
  • simple, favourably priced variants
  • eaves sided extension is suitable according to the type of main roof used
Type B - as a gabled roof
  • Size: as for Type A
  • a stable steel construction
  • an optically particularly beautiful version
  • connection with the main roof through professional rafter connection in the roof valley
Technical Spec Sheets