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The control system

Kraft horse walkers are equipped with modern control panels that operate all possible functions of the equipment.
Depending on client needs, Kraft offers a standard control panel in 3 different versions as well as a programmable version.
Our clients receive a detailed operation manual for their Kraft horse walker.

Electric requirement: 220 volts, 16 amps

Standard Control Panel:
Settings: On / Off
Direction selection
Speed control
Programmable Control Panel:
Settings: 5 programs that can be set according to client needs for direction, duration and speed
Standard Control Panel
  • Type A: with electric charger
  • Type C: with electric charger and left/right switch
  • Type E: with electric charger and walk/trot program

Programmable Control Panel
  • Type I: 5 programs can be set according to client needs; touchpad operation
Technical Spec Sheets