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Floor Covering

Experts have analyzed footing materials for years. Everyone has their own philosophy and opinion. The same is true for horse walkers.

We recommend a rubber floor installed on a concrete slab. Not all rubber is the same though. It must have the proper blend in order to ensure surefoot-edness as well as being slip resistant. We offer a rubber floor that offers both.


  • Level walking surface
  • Surefootedness even when wet
  • Prevents breaking
  • Easy clean-up of muck
  • Mechanical sweeper can be used in conjunction with the retractable gates
  • Custom puzzle design
  • Cut to fit, fence to fence if desired
  • Simple installation
  • Top quality
  • Long durability

  • Combination of rubber floor and retractable gates make mechanical cleaning possible.

New! First in the world! - Kraft Retractable Separation Gate, Type D