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KRAFT horse walkers can be partially (only the walking area) or completely (walking area plus interior/lunging circle) covered with a roof:

Ground horse walker partial and complete
Ceiling-mounted horse walker complete
Oval horse walker partial

The selection takes place according to individual requirements of the building owner or the building authority regulations.

KRAFT offers five different materials to make a roof from

Type B
  • Bitumen clapboards
Type C
  • Trapezoidal sheeting
Type D
  • Fibre-cement corrugated sheets
Type E
  • Roof tiles
Typ G
  • Sandwich panels "TYP G"
All roofing materials are suitable to support a snow load of up to 3.50 KN/sq.m. and can be obtained in various different colour tones. (according to the manufacturer or RAL colour card)
Technical Spec Sheets