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Najnowsze wiadomości

New Water Walker Brochure

We just receive the new Water Walker brochure from the printer. All interested persons can download the brochure at this link. You can also request a hard copy of the brochure by selecting this on the contact from.

Two German and three Dutch colleagues in the Glock Performance Center in Austria

Gaston Glock was able to win over a successful trio for his new center in Treffen-Kärnten. The three are Edward Gal, Hans Peter Minderhoud and Nicole Werner. They will be supported by our German Kraft team with two 26.6m Ø Ceiling Mounted horse walkers and will easily accomplish their work.
We wish a successful cooperation!

Veterinary Clinic in Trier

We installed the second Water Walker in Germany this past winter. Mrs. Gondert stated the following in reference to why she was motivated to purchase a Kraft Water Walker: “The great freedom of movement with which the horses walked in the water walker convinced me. That was the first thing that impressed me when I visited the Hackenesch’s water walker. Every horse can freely choose its own rhythm and gait. That loosens the muscular system and encourages stress free movement. The visibility through the walker’s fences also adds to this freedom. I also feel that the oval shape ideally balances the weight-bearing load on the joints.” The final construction phase is not yet completed, but we will keep you updated.

Pferd-Bodensee Trade Show

22 800 visitors enjoyed the many different products, presentations and shows. Interested trade experts from Switzerland and Germany visited our booth. The Eco Horse Walker demo clearly displayed the functionality of standard ground-standing horse walkers. The Eco Horse Walker does not require concrete footers for its partial roof. This walker can thus be easily installed and used.
It was very beneficial for us to be part of the Pferd-Bodensee trade show.

Partner Pferd Leipzig 19.01.-22.01.2012

Our stand beeing directly at the workplace of the large arena. We had a good view look of about 61 000 visitors and 191 riders. A great atmosphere and topclass horsesport was offered to the spectaters. Sunday afternoon the first three places of the "Rolex FEI Worldcup-jumping" were taken by German riders. One of them being Marcus Ehning with Sabrina came third. With his young horse Jewel`s Exclusive Touch he took the first place in the Youngster Cup as well as numerous other places. Super.
Kevin Staut, number eight in  the world jumping class, took the sixth place in "Preis der Citroën Partner Leipzig".
Congratulations to our businesspartners!


We wish you a  festive season and a relaxed Happy New Year.


Aska (from Acordelli) warms the hearts of breeders!

Aska moved to Holger Hetzel‘s stable this year.
She found a new owner and rider shortly after her move. The 7 year old mare has already made the new owners happy. She placed many times and has accomplished successes up to Class S*. A momentous event for both rider and horse was the landing of 3rd Place at the Donaueschinger International Jumping Competition (fault/time)- 1,40m. Our senior, Karl Kraft, was extremely happy because one does not always have a horse that makes it to the top like this.

Cooperation with the Trade School

The Uwe Kraft Reitsport & Metallbau Company has formed a partnership with the local trade school. The principal, Nils Kaiser, wants to promote education that goes beyond theory and is always on the lookout for companies that are willing to give students a comprehensive experience in the working world. Kraft has offered to allow students to come into the business 6 days per year. The students will document company procedures, business practices, etc. during their visits. A region that is ready for the future needs a motivated future work force as well as plenty of places for employment. Both partners know this and are grabbing this challenge by the horns and at an early stage.


Damenwahl will be performing in Switzerland in the future. The new owner decided to purchase Damenwahl on the evening of the Gala Event. The winning bid for Damenwahl was made by Ester Tuor on Sunday at the sold-out event. The new owner wants to further train this young and talented horse. We hope to see Damenwahl perform on the international platform. We will have to see what happens and would be elated.

Ceiling Mounted Horse Walker to Weyarn

Luisa Klein is very happy about her new Ceiling-Mounted horse walker in Weyarn, Bavaria.
One of the special features is the multi-layered metal roof. This roof is also designed to take a snow load of 3.5 KN per cubic Meter. We are ready for the winter to come!