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Najnowsze wiadomości

SAM sation

That is how the headline of the South German magazine (Die Süddeutschen) described Michael Jung’s double win. He achieved the gold medal in both the individual as well as the team competitions at the European Masters in Luhmühlen. One triumph follows another. He also won at the CID*** in Aachen with SAM and was awarded 2nd place in the World Cup qualifications in Strzegom, Poland.
Michael Jung trains his horses using a Kraft horse walker. With training to success!

Portrait: Uwe Kraft

40 Years Uwe Kraft – there is a lot that can be told. Read about it in the Equine Link
www.MenschundPferd.com and check out his résumé at the portrait of the month.


Tobias Bachl at the Ransdorfer Summer Equine Sports Day catching ribbons

One name always appears when you read the results: Tobias Bachl. To train young stallions for sport is a challenging task. The many ribbons won are the result of solid and successful training. We are happy for you!

German Jumper Derby in Hamburg

The Hamburg Derby had its best presentation during beautiful sunny weather.

Among the winners were Marcel Ewans (third), Michael Whitaker (fifth) und Wulf-Hinrich Hamann (eighth).

Marcel Ewans from Luxembourg was unknown prior to this event and surprised everyone with his third place win.

Compared to this, Michael Whitaker with his 18 year old mare, Animation, and Wulf-Hinrich Hamann were old timers.

The performance at this derby was excellent. There were 87 starts and no clear rounds. We congratulate our clients and wish them a successful season.

Summer Meet in Gera: Hendrik Sosath won the Grand Prize

The 24 year old snatched one of the two grand prizes. The victory was certain after two error-free rides in 49.99 seconds. Congratulations to the Sosath family from Lernweder!

Swiss master among Kraft clients

It seemed as though the 1st places had already been given away, when and to everyone’s surprise, Markus Graf won after his outstanding freestyle performance with his horse Ronaldo. Markus Graf is 2011 Swiss Master in Dressage! Congratulations!

His success will continue: He will accompany the Swiss team at the European masters in Rotterdam this weekend. We are crossing our fingers!

The Kraft Company in France

Our representative in France, Nico, recently sold an 8x16 Meter Rail-Gliding horse walker with partial roof to the Gourmoux riding stables in the Normandy region of France. Three other horse walkers were also sold in France. Some of these sales were also supported by Joan Pierre.

Eppenstatt Estate near Traunstein, Germany

The Eppenstatt Estate recently purchased a beautiful covered round pen and Ceiling Mounted walker with a 19 Meter diameter.

Water March at the Heckenesch Riding and Boarding Facilities

A top-of-the-line Water Horse Walker awaited visitors at the open house in Münster, Germany. The Water Walker which was designed by the Kraft and Horse Wellness partnership was introduced to the public. The strong splashing could be heard from far away and a few visitors even got a little wet. Mecky Hackenesch presented her horses in the Water Walker as if they had been accustomed to it for many years. Please check out our video on the YouTube channel ukraft1. The Hackenesch family is open to visitors who are interested in such a walker. They also make their Water Walker available to whoever wants this special type of training and therapy. Call Germany 0163 / 8 26 61 69 to make an appointment.

We would like to congratulate the Hackenesch family and their team for installing this one-of-a-kind horse walker in Germany.

Wiesenhof Stud Farm

The studs Münchhausen, Kentucky and Hibiskus will be enjoying a 23 Meter Kraft Ceiling Mounted Walker! These first class studs of the renowned and well known Wiesenhof Trakehner Stud Farm in Krefeld are the winners of this purchase. This horse walker is a good example of how our horse walkers can harmoniously fit and blend into the landscape and design of such a farm. Congratulations to the Wiesenhof Stud Farm! Kraft installed this walker as a turn-key project.