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The Uwe Kraft Company in Germany attended the Equitana Trade Fair in Louisville, Kentucky with its goal to provide the US market with quality equine products.


The company purchased a farm in Paris, Kentucky, which served as a storage area in the early years.


In October 2004 the Uwe Kraft Company in Germany established a permanent branch in USA. The new Company is called Kraft Brothers, Inc. and is located near Lexington, Kentucky in Winchester, Kentucky. The company is managed by Frank Kraft, who is a master metal technician and has many years of experience in the horse industry.

Beginning 2005 the new company began production on Sandberg farm in Paris, Kentucky. Due to business expansions our company needed a larger facility and inventory space. We found a new location in the Industrial Park in Winchester, KY and moved in January 2009.
Equitana Trade Fair in Louisville, Kentucky
Sandberg-Farm, Paris, Kentucky