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Kraft Solar

Fascination "Sun"

The sun is the engine for all that happens on our planet; its energy potential is truly inexhaustible. Every hour the sun emits more energy to the Earth than the whole world population needs in a whole year. All sources of energy coming from the earth are thanks to the sun, an inexhaustible source; there is no life without the sun.

The sun’s energy is an important pillar among energy sources. KRAFT has been running a 3230 sq.ft. (300 sq.m) 30 KW photovoltaic plant on the roof of its manufacturing facilities since 2006.

This positive experience inspired Kraft to install a second photovoltaic plant with a capacity of 45 KW in the form of a Kraft 59' diameter (18 m) enclosed round pen with rotating solar roof. Measurements confirm an increase in the performance of about 33% on the basis of a tracking device.
The production facilities at Uwe Kraft GmbH with office
The company site with a new office building as a round building with rotating solar roof
A KRAFT round building with rotating solar roof
Kraft drew upon its years of experience in building covered round pens in conjunction with their ceiling mounted horse walkers which include inner lunging rings.

Kraft sees this product as an excellent addition to its previous program and as entry into the future market of this century: "Renewable energy"!

Both photovoltaic plants produce about 85,000 KW per year and save 60,000 kg of CO2 emissions into the environment.

Incidentally: the company Kraft needs about 25,000-30,000 KW per year of electrical power for our operations, so the company’s own power works produce about three time its own power requirements for the 20 current employees!

A KRAFT round building with rotating solar roof

A KRAFT round building with rotating solar roof
Sun tracking device: View from the East, 8 am
Sun tracking device: View from the West, 5 pm

Description of the building

59' (18 m) diameter KRAFT round buildings with a rotating solar roof are a two-story steel structures.
The top floor is suitable for use as a storage room. The size and design of the rotating door can be adapted according to individual requirements.

The Ground Floor with an area of 2690 sq.ft. (250 sq.m.) is suitable for diverse uses such as:
  • a KRAFT horse walker or installation of horse stalls
  • an office or for storage, workshop or exhibition purposes and much more

The special aspect is the rotating roof construction with an approximately 4300 sq.ft. (400 sq.m.) photovoltaic surface, about 45 KW. The roof fulfils dual tasks:
  • weather protection
  • and capturing the sun’s energy

The sun tracking device

KRAFT-Solar ... the knack with the sun
The technology used by KRAFT is both ingenious and, at the same time, simple: The KRAFT sun tracking system operates fully automatically; the special sensor setting always points the monopitch roof and therefore the solar module towards the sun. The sun sensor detects the seasonal variations of the sun and the roof stops tracking in order to save energy if the sun does not shine for while. The KRAFT sun tracking system guarantees an increase in energy capture of up to 33% compared to a fixed installed plant.

Always in the direction of the “sun”!
The whole roof photovoltaic plant constantly adjusts its position according to the position of the sun. Larger quantities of energy are received in this way. The pictures below show the rotational movement of the roof from 8 am (view from the East) and 5 pm (view from the West). The top floor mounted on a slewing ring, including the photovoltaic plant, “stretches” itself toward the sun throughout the whole day.
After the sun has gone down, the roof turns back into its home position in order to immediately begin with gathering the sun’s energy from the sun’s first rays in the morning. This KRAFT technology guarantees the best possible use of solar energy to building owners.

Application options

Application option for horses
  • A round rail-gliding horse walker integrated in the ground floor for six horses with the possibility of using the interior as a lunging area.
  • The rotatable top floor with an area of about 2580 sq.ft. (240 sq.m.) can serve as a storage room.
  • Here as a round stable with 11 stalls and attached paddocks on the ground floor with the possibility of storing goods on the top floor.