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Platz-Max Groomers / levelers

Platz-Max-NLGW with trailing mechanism, lattice roller
  • Much research has gone into the best way to condition and groom modern surfaces and textilies.
  • The lack of water will cause any fiber to move to the top of the footing material. Therefore a deeper blending of footing material with fiber is necessary.
  • By adjusting the working depth, the machine confroms easily to the respective surface to achive the required results.
  • There is a counter rotating feed gear inside the roller. It preventsthe plugging of the roller by the footing materials. This makes it an all purpose tool for the professional maintenance of different types of surfaces. It is very easy to change the depth if the tines and can be adjusted within minutes to suit your surface.
  • To make the Platz-Max even more universal, we developed the Platz-Max-Roll.
  • This arena conditioner has its own chassis.
  • As a result of this, the number of vehicles that can pull this groomer is nearly unlimited.
  • The wheels can be lifted with an independent hydraulic pump.
  • The raised chassis does not influence the function of the 'Platz-Max'.
  • For parking and travelling the chassis must be lowered again.