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The latest news

„May I introduce myself:....

May I introduce myself: I am the NEW one. I am the soft and gentle. I‘m not pushy and fit into all rounds. I can withstand anything. I can be kicked, stomped and stressed. I am created for it. And I am also good looking. My appearance underscores my inner values ​​and shows that I belong to Kraft. Feel free to contact me. My name is K Gentle Rubber Floor.“


With our company brand, K Gentle Rubber Floor, we are expanding our offerings and present to you a first-class high-quality and inexpensive option for our horse walkers.


Please request a non-binding estimate.

Come see us at Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, FL!

Together with Sport Innovations we are present at Global Dressage Festival in Wellington from January thru March! Please stop by and learn more about our products! Looking forward to seeing you there!

A new gem found in Napa Valley!

A custom made Ceiling Mounted Horse Walker with rusty looking roof!

Winter season in Wellington, FL

We have been busy putting up our horse walkers in Florida. The latest addition to WPB area is 72' Covered Round Pen with Ceiling Mounted Horse Walker. 

Sommerletter been arrived!

This year our summerletter has been  earlier than the last years. That´s why we celebrate our 20th annyversary at 2. October 2016. And now that all can read, what our plans and attractions are on this day, we will publish the letter in the moment for all. Welcome all. Let us celebrate together!

We celebrate!

Do you have any funny snapshots, pictures from your daily work with horses and the Kraft walkers or any nice events? We would be very happy! Please, send the pictures to beate.lindauer@kraft-fuehranlagen.de. Thanks in advance.

50' Covered Round Pen with 6 Horse Walker at Campbell Stables, NY

NEW model of KRAFT Horse Treadmill KT2 AVAILABLE NOW!

60' 4 horse walker with steel panel fence in Wellington, FL. Thank you to La Lechuza Caracas for their business!

KRAFT 60'/ 6 Horse Walker with Partial Roof and Wood Fence in Snohomish, WA

high quality horse exerciser with our popular wood fence