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The control panel

KRAFT horse walkers are equipped with a modern control system; electronic components control all functions on the horse walker. Our clients receive a detailed operation manual for their KRAFT horse walker.

Electric specs: 220 volt/ 1 phase, 16 amp requirement
The standard control panel for USA (in weatherproof electric box)
5 controls from left to right as follows:
  1. On-off switch with option of just walk or automatically alternating walk/trot speed
  2. Independent speed adjustment for walk
  3. Directional switch (right only, left only or automatically reversing direction)
  4. Independent speed adjustment for trot
  5. Power pack = electric charger for hanging/rotating gates
Our standard control panel does following:
  1. One can either have the horses go to the right or the left only and the speed can be adjusted from walk to trot. Whatever speed is set by the operator will continue until the operator stops the machine.
  2. The same standard unit will also reverse directions automatically if you wish and the time in one direction can be set at ANY length (from 1 to 999 minutes). It will continue reversing directions until the operator stops the machine.
  3. The same standard unit will also automatically go from walk to trot if you wish: duration and speed of each (walk, trot) can be adjusted independently and you can reverse directions as well. For example: walk 5 minutes, then pick up to trot 5 minutes, then reverse directions and walk 5 minutes, pick up to trot 5 minutes and then reverse. This pattern will repeat itself until the operator stops the machine manually.
    The standard speed control does all of the above and is included in the price of the walker.
Technical Spec Sheets