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Substructure and foundations are the basis for every building! We offer complete site and concrete work for our clients.
Detailed foundation drawings can also be provided for our do-it-yourself clients.
KRAFT offers the following foundations depending on the type of horse walker:
  • Type A: Individual footers
  • Type B: Footers including walking surface
  • Type C: Footers including complete slab
  • Type D: Concrete walking surface

The following always applies:
  • The ground must be level and graded
  • The individual footers must be at least 2.6' (80 cm) deep (or below frost line)
  • 3500 psi concrete
  • Concrete according to local specs


Type A
  • Individual footers
Type B
  • Footers including walking surface
Type C
  • Footers including complete slab
Type D
  • Concrete walking surface

Example picture

Technical Spec Sheets