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Hanging / rotating gates

Hanging / rotating gates are installed to break up the circular running track into segments so that a number of horses can be safely trained independently of each other. The gates are fastened at a height of 7.5' (2300 mm).

KRAFT recommends a minimum linear length of 23' (7 m) per segment so that the horse has sufficient room to move around.
The number of segments made depends on the size of the horse walker.

An example for round horse walkers:
External dimension 49' (15 m) = 6 horses
Circumference 154' (47 m) / 6 = 25.5' (7.8 m) per segment
An example for oval horse walkers:
External dimension 33' x 66' (10 x 20 m) = 6 horses
Circumference 167' (51 m) / 6 = 28' (8.5 m) per segment
Hanging / rotating gate, type A
  • galvanized metal framed welded wire grid (replaceable)
  • continuous rubber strips 2.5' (800 mm) high
  • electric fence charger available for grids
Hanging / rotating gate, type C
  • a perforated rubber sheet, 5.9' (1800 mm) high
  • 1-ply high strength elastic material
  • electric fence charger available for rubber (special electrically conductive material)
New! First in the world!
Kraft Retractable Separation Gate, Type D
This system is patented by the Kraft Company!
  • The walking surface can easily be cleaned.
  • If footing materials need to be changed, then there is no separation gate in the way.
  • When the separation gate is raised the walker can also be used for warm up and turn out.
  • Minimal risk of injury due to the conductive rubber separation gates.
Technical Spec Sheets

New! First in the world! - Kraft Retractable Separation Gate, Type D