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Overhead sprinkler

If the surface of the KRAFT horse walker consists of organic/mineral materials, then it is recommended to install a KRAFT overhead sprinkling system.

Swirls of dust clouds are unpleasant both for the rider and the horse and can be unhealthy.

The footing materials should always have the same moisture content; the surface will then guarantee ideal conditions for lunging, running and training.
Every KRAFT overhead sprinkling system is matched individually to the KRAFT horse walker.

KRAFT steel pipe with jets system

Type A - walking surface, on one side
  • sprinkler jets placed over the hanging/ rotating gates
Type B - walking surface / lunging ring
  • The water lines separate in the middle of the ceiling-mounted horse walker in the direction of the walking surface on the one side and the lunging surface on the other side.
  • The walking surface is sprinkled by one jet while the lunging surface is sprinkled by 2-3 jets.
Type C - sprinkling of the lunging area from the ceiling
  • A 360 degree sprinkler with a range of up to 26' (8 m) is located up on the roof in the middle of the lunging area.
Type D - oval installation
  • A galvanised 1/2 inch steel pipe is routed along the outer fence of the horse walker. Steel jets are screwed into this pipe at 6.5' to 10' (2-3 m) intervals and sprinkle inwards.


KRAFT sprinklers are characterised by their simplicity of operation and durability. They were specially developed for use in KRAFT horse walkers and KRAFT lunging halls

Technical data

A 3/4 inch water connection installed by the client. Water pressure 45 psi (3 bar). The frost-proof hydrant at the entry area to the horse walker / lunging hall must be installed by the client. The sprinkler system should be drained during winter.

Example pictures

Technical Spec Sheets